Balance Plus Lite Speed Carbon Fibre Broom

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Due to the wide variety of sizes and colours of this product, please call for current availability 416-787-6238 or email Alex at

The Lightest, fastest, most effective curling broom

Patented EQ technology
Only weighs 290 grams
Other brushes are 40-60% heavier than LiteSpeed
1" diameter at the top end provides the most comfort for the upper hand while sweeping or skipping
1 1/8" diameter at the head end provides more comfort for the lower hand while brushing
The patented tapered design reduces hand slippage, requiring less effort to create down-pressure, reducing fatigue
Equalizer Grip Coating 

as Seen on TV and used by:
Team Glenn Howard
Team Epping
Team Kevin Koe
Team David Murdoch
Team Tom Brewster 
Team Val Sweeting
Team Sherry Middaugh
Team Stephanie Lawton
and many others!

Available in the original 7" version or the 9" XL version.