Strongly Recommended/Mandatory

  • Helmet – head safety is critical (mandatory for riders under 18 years of age) 
  • Bell – required by the Highway Traffic Act (and courteous to other road users)
  • Lights – required by the Highway Traffic Act (after dusk/before dawn) + make you more visible during the day!
  • Pump – keeping your tires inflated helps prevent flats and improves the ride experience
  • Kickstand – keep your bike upright when stopping for a moment
  • Water bottle cage – you’ll need somewhere to put your water bottle on those long rides!
  • Water Bottle – staying hydrated is hard with just a cage – use a bottle to keep hydrated
  • Lock – prevent someone walking off with your bike while it’s not in use
  • Flat kit (tire/tube/levers/mini pump) – don’t get stuck on the side of the road far from home or unable to go on that group ride because of a flat tire!

Improves Riding Experience/Expand Utility of Bike(s)

  • Pedals - improve the ride experience, feel more stable and get better power transfer with an upgraded set of pedals!
  • Multi Tool – make any small adjustments that might be needed at home or during a ride
  • Bike Shoes – get added power and comfort with a set of sleek riding shoes
  • Bike Specific Clothing (gloves; jersey; riding shorts/pants/bibs) – stay comfortable and cool/warm as needed with bike specific features like extra warming panels or padding
  • Phone Holder – keep your phone close at hand and track your speed, ride distance and more with a secure way to have it on the handlebars of your bike
  • Fenders – stay dry and ride in any weather with a fender set to keep you from showing up with water up your back
  • Rack/Basket – turn your ride into a utility bike with the addition of a way to carry groceries or other large items
  • Saddle Bags (rack required) – carry everything you need for those long journeys or commutes to work with extra carrying capacity
  • Bike Computer  - track your ride and know your speed
  • Under Saddle Bag – carry a spare tube and levers + inflation device to get you back home in the event of a flat
  • Indoor Trainer – turn your bike into an indoor exercise machine with a bike trainer that lets you ride inside all year round